Ratings Wars

TV Audiences

You will need to access these PDFs of news stories to understand the questions that follow and come to some conclusions about the effects of ratings on the success of the TV Channel as a station of choice for both the audience and the advertising agency.

These newspaper articles report on the ratings for the main TV channels in NZ and the effects these ratings have on the stations' revenues and programming decisions.
You should note:
  • how programme costs increase as stations bid for the screening rights to shows that have a proven audience pull.
  • how audience numbers affect the revenue from advertising sales for "slots" available in "prime" programmes.
  • how stations attempt to "package" themselves to attract and hold a selected target audience.
  • how media agencies interpret the viewing habits of the target audience and thus where they will place their products (buy advertising slots.).
  • Can you account for the decline in TV News ratings over the period 1995-2007?

You are advised to check out Metro & North & South magazine stories about the rise, fall and repositioning of TV personalities like Paul Holmes and Judy Bailey as fronts people for TVNZ Channel 1 over the period 2005-2006.

Two stories 15.9.07 re TVNZ profits & control you need to read. The September/October ratings and reactions