Academic Study

Academic Requirements

Check this site out carefully.
If you want to have a career in broadcasting, journalism or film then this course may be for you.
If you have a strong interest in History, Art and English and are interested in the influence the media has on our society, our beliefs and attitudes then Media Studies may be the subject for you.
Although there are no pre-requisites for this course we do recommend that you have at least 12 credits for English at Level 1 if you are to cope with content of the course.


This course requires you to do more than simply watch a lot of movies over the year.
You are expected to do the readings and close analysis of the media presented to you at a fairly sophisticated level.
You are also expected to write detailed, thoughtful and closely argued essays based on the films you have seen and the crtical reviews and extra reading you have done.
The planning, preparation and delivery of both practical and theoretical material needs to be done to meet the deadlines as you would if you were engaged in a similar activity outside of school.
The handbook and the material on NZQA and this wiki-space should give you a good indication of what is expected.