2010 Semester Programme

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From 2010 the Year 12 programme will be in two semesters.

Semester 1: Practical Film Making and Narrative Codes & Conventions used in film.

Semester 2: Making Sense of Film & Media in Society

Semester 1 will concentrate on the mechanics of film-making after a study of the narrative codes & conventions used in films of a specific genre. The work done in the codes & conventions paper will form the basis for the practical film making project in the second half of the semester.

This semester course will not guarantee entry to the year 13 Media Studies Course. If you wish to take Media Studies at year 13 you must enroll in either both semester courses or pass the papers offered in the second semester course.

Details of this course are on the here:

Semester 2 will concentrate on the detailed study of films, appeal to audiences and representation of groups and cultures in film. This course offers one internally assessed paper and three externally assessed papers. If you are serious about Media Studies and are looking to taking the subject in Year 13 and at University you must enroll in this semester course.

Details of this course are on the here.